Your Cats will be housed in a luxury spacious UPVC pen with housing inside and their own outside exercise pen. Which overlook spacious, peaceful gardens.

Our pens are big enough to house up to 3 cats from the same family, with 2 family pens available for up to 6 cats.

All indoor pens are individually heated. The outdoor exercise pens also have either tree barks or a NEW scratching tower for your cat(s) to run, scratch, play or sit on.

We provide clean blankets for all cats but of course you are welcome to bring your own bedding with which your cat is familiar.

We do have toys for our boarders but please feel free to bring any toys, comforters, scratching posts etc that you want to.

Daily grooming – if required – is given to each cat. This also helps us to get to know your cat. We have found that this is a great way to make happier any unsettled cats. To help maintain our high level of cleanliness we would request that if they have their own brush/mit/comb at home please bring them in for us to use.

Whilst all cats are loved, cuddled, groomed and played with etc particular attention is paid to first time boarders. We will make sure they are very settled within 24 hours.

Our promise to you is we will become your cat’s friend and make sure they enjoy their holiday whilst boarding with us.


“...Charlie loves his holidays at HOLLYACRES. He has been going for five years now and always comes home looking healthy and happy. I know they love and care for our cats the way we do...”

Mrs Harper

- St Annes

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